Wellbeing at the
CSGA Cyber Accelerator

The success of every startup depends on the insight, fortitude and resilience of their team. We’ve seen first hand that founders’ personal wellbeing deeply influences how they think, communicate, make decisions, build culture and lead. Along the way, most founders experience trials and tribulations that can far exceed those they experienced in other mainstream vocations. When downturns come, it’s critical to maintain perspective and resilience through the change and pressure.

At CSGA Cyber Accelerator we hold a ‘founders first’ philosophy - caring for our founders as people is one of the most important ways to support their journey as entrepreneurs leading successful startups. With that in mind, since 2018 we’ve designed wellbeing to be a key pillar of our accelerator program. To build founder awareness and connect them to critical resources we provide an extensive education through wellbeing course modules and daily 'Wellness Wake Up' insights. In addition, through our membership in the Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA) we are able to connect our startups with an extensive set of wellbeing resources during and beyond their seasonal cohort.

Every launch needs to be fueled the right ways. When it comes to wellbeing that means … Support. New Perspectives. Recent Research. Tools & Tips. Listening Ears.