CSGA Cyber Accelerator - Our History

Founded in 2021 as Terranova Defense NFP, operating as Cyber Security Global Alliance, our Cyber Accelerator was founded through the partnership of Waterloo Region and Workhaus Kitchener, where CSGA Cyber Accelerator has been since its creation. The CSGA Cyber Accelerator was developed to help troubled SMEs during COVID-19 to establish opportunities and channels to help these organizations by working together, through unity, collaboration and in teamwork.

During 2021 to 2023 in our growth stage, our accelerator did not take shape until Q4 2023. This has resulted in no funding from the Canadian government even though Cyber Security Global Alliance (CSGA) was an established Canadian Not-For-Profit and membership-based non-governmental organization, having over 60 board members who were volunteering to create positive change through teamwork, collaboration and unity. CSGA applied for an $80 million dollar grant and a $240 million dollar grant to aid Canada in Cybersecurity Education and building awareness of cyber threats in our communities.

CSGA by the end of 2021, had acquired and was successfully running over 800 certification and certificate programs in IT, IIoT, Cybersecurity, and in Defense. Having created programs for the US Department of Defense we built the Cyber Defense White Hat certificate program to help graduates land jobs, with a job placement program, within the government to aid in the North American White Hat programs that are so highly needed. Our focus is to hire and train individuals more so that corporations. CSGA also ran task forces, threat divisions and has been directly involved in developing advancing technologies in blockchain security and post-quantum technologies such as communications and defensive security systems.

CSGA is the worlds largest cyber defense hub operating in twenty countries over six continents and with over 90,000 shared subscribers between all our partnering corporations throughout the world today. CSGA has to day not received any funding from the government for all the work we do in Canada and globally and regardless of the reason, CSGA has the largest collaboration of cyber security talent in the world today.

Coming into 2024, CSGA has acquired funding through the Terranova Defense Group and will be developing our services with hubs in Canada and the United States as we continue to advance our services globally. CSGA is a proud team of subject-matter experts that are preparing to launch key programs into North America soon that will aid people in the protection of their digital footprint. Also, in 2024, CSGA will commence in running major cybersecurity online and in-person events starting with a online cybersecurity conference on January 25th, 2024 with over 15 board members who will be speaking at the event. More information can be found at https://www.csga-global.org on the Events page . Check it out today for your promotional attendance code, or join CSGAs Business Page on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/csga-canada